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DevOps Developer Austin Texas

The Role: DevOps Developer
Location: Austin, TX

The Company

HireBetter’s client’s mission is to bridge the old world of stocks with the new world of tokenized assets by creating a tokenization platform and then listing it on their exchange. They work with the SEC to determine what the regulations look like.

Our client’s team draws on decades of expertise in the financial markets, large scale technology and financial regulation. They have recently raised a Series A from experts in the financial world.

The Role

Our client is building an exchange that can handle traditional stocks as well as Tokenized Assets. This role is to assist in developing the data side of the backend which operates at < 20 micros per transaction and 3M messages a second at peak.


  • Documentation: Writes specifications and documentation for the server-side features.
  • Systems analysis: Analyzes the technology currently being used and develops plans and processes for improvement and expansion. The DevOps engineer provides support for urgent analytic needs.
  • Development: Develops, codes, builds, installs, configures, and maintains IT solutions.
  • Project planning: Participates in project planning meetings to share their knowledge of system options, risk, impact, and costs vs. benefits. In addition, DevOps engineers communicate operational requirements and development forecasts.
  • Testing: Tests code, processes, and deployments to identify ways to streamline and minimize errors.
  • Deployment: Uses configuration management software to automatically deploy updates and fixes into the production environment.
  • Maintenance and troubleshooting: Performs routine application maintenance to ensure the production environment runs smoothly. Develops maintenance requirements and procedures.
  • Performance management: Recommends performance enhancements by performing gap analysis, identifying alternative solutions, and assisting with modifications.


  • 5+ years of general development experience (however they are aware that Experience = Time * Density) 
  • 3+ years of DevOps experience
  • Deep Linux system administrator knowledge
  • Deep understanding of core AWS services (IAM, EC2, VPC, EKS)
  • GitOps mindset with a desire to automate everything
  • Experience with IaC tools (Terraform, Ansible)
  • Experience with Kubernetes templating (Helm, Kustomize)
  • Production Kubernetes experience (GKE, EKS, OpenShift)
  • Experience building and managing CI/CD pipelines (Jenkins, GitHub Actions)
  • Production experience with Envoy and Kubernetes service meshes (Istio)

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